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Information Systems will research the alleged violation; and will identify and document the user associated with it.

Event services are available for all EMU faculty, staff and students. We are here to support your efforts toward the mission of the university. Due to limited resources, AV services are only available for a fee.

The process for get access to EMU's systems depends on your role

The preferred method for sending broadcast messages is via the web application at emu.edu/broadcast.


EMU utilizes J1 for the following areas: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Admissions (data storage only), Advising, Alumni, Development, Facilities Management, General Ledger, Housing, Human Resources (data storage only), Institutional Research, Registration

The Faculty Loading worksheet is used to assign faculty to course offerings for each academic year. Loading worksheet opens in January and closes mid-February. Faculty Loading process is a managed by the Faculty Process & Procedure sub-team of the Data Systems and Governance Committee in collaboration with the deans offices, associate provost office and information systems.

Blogs for faculty and staff are available upon request

All EMU classrooms have been equipped with technology.

Personal devices can be connected to the EMU wireless network. The Helpdesk can assist with connecting your device if you encounter problems. The Helpdesk does not assist with hardware or software issues on personal devices.

All EMU systems will use your Royal password, EMU username or EMU email address for authentication. Multi-Factor Authentication is required on most systems.

Microsoft Office includes: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher

Navigate is used for retention management. It facilitates communication between advisers and students.

SplashTop is used by the Helpdesk to provide remote support.

Information Systems manages all SSL certificates for emu.edu. SSL certificates are used to protect EMU online services. SSL is the encryption of data in transit for EMU services.

EMU provides a high capacity network that connects WCSC, Lancaster and Harrisonburg. The network backbone has the capacity of 10Gbps (gigabits per second), and building connectivity range from 1 Gbp to 10 Gbps speeds. EMU has two fiber links to campus.

EMU 's email services are provided by Google and come with unlimited storage. Your email is accessed at http://gmail.com using your EMU email address and Royal password.

An email alias delivers email to one or a handful of user inboxes

Information Systems (IS) manages over 800 computer for the EMU community. These are used by Faculty, Staff and student computer labs. Our current policy requires IS to provide a standard desktop computer to every faculty member and all staff members who have jobs that require access to a computer. The computer is provided for employees to complete their job requirements. It is not a replacement for a personal computer. All software installed on EMU computers needs to be legally licensed.

An ID card is issued to each student, faculty, staff, affiliate and retiree.

Faculty/Staff can reserve Helpdesk equipment by going to emu.libcal.com or by contacting the Helpdesk.

Information Systems provides the following types of computer labs: Kiosk Computers, Public Labs, Classroom Labs, Department Labs, Department Classroom Labs

The Student Employment application is used by Financial Assistance to manage the work-study program

EMU procures and administers technology systems and components centrally. IS should be included in any discussion to procure technology.

The Helpdesk provides a single point of contact for information services support.