EMU Password Policy

Your EMU Royal Password must adhere to these rules:

  • A minimum of 8 characters
  • Cannot contain parts of your name or username
  • Cannot be a previously used password
  • Requires three out of four of the following:
    • Lowercase characters.
    • Uppercase characters.
    • Numbers (0-9).
    • Symbols.
Note: Even if it meets the requirements above, a password may still be rejected if all or part of it is similar to commonly used weak or insecure passwords. If you encounter an error about your new password being too easy to guess, try something new.
MFA Methods

  • Microsoft Authenticator App
  • Phone call
  • MFA code generator
  • Microsoft Authenticator App
  • Phone call to EMU office phone
  • MFA code generator
Password Help

By setting your password, you agree to abide by the Technology Code of Responsibility found at Information Systems Policies

MFA Help

All EMU students, faculty, and staff are required to perform multi-factor authentication when signing into EMU services.

Set up the Authenticator App

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The Authenticator App will need to be reconfigured when you switch phones or are reinstalling the authenticator app on your current phone. 
Switching Phones


Request MFA Assistance