25Live, Acrobat Professional, Admissions User Lookup, Broadcast Message System, CashNet, Cbord, Concur, Dining Hall Menu, Event Attendance, Faculty Loading, Fitness Center Membership Tracking, FrontRush, InfoMaker, J1, LibCal, Mailroom Package Tracking, Maxient, Medicat, PaperCut, PowerFAIDS, SafeColleges, SalesForce, SimpleK, SplashTop, SSRS, Student Employment, TeamDynamix, Teamwork, Titanium, TMA, Visio, Weave, Wellness Challenge Step Tracker

Services (35)


25Live is used to manage reservable spaces, web calendar events and HVAC.

Acrobat Professional

Acrobat Professional is used to create and edit PDF files and fillable forms.

Admissions User Lookup

The Admissions User Lookup is used by admissions counselors to view login information for prospective students that have EMU accounts. They use the information to assist with setting up their password.

Broadcast Message System

The Broadcast Message System is used to send email to defined groups of EMU faculty, staff and students. It is also used to manage user preferences for broadcast email


CashNet is used for online payments


Cbord manages door access and ID card creation


Concur is used to submit expense reports and credit card statements

Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is used to create and edit media. It includes: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, Premiere Pro, InDesign and many more.

Dining Hall Menu

The dining hall menu application displays the daily offerings in the EMU Dining Hall

Event Attendance

The Event Attendance app is used to track attendance at events that are eligible for convocation points

Faculty Loading

The Faculty Loading worksheet is used to assign faculty to course offerings for each academic year. Loading worksheet opens in January and closes mid-February. Faculty Loading process is a managed by the Faculty Process & Procedure sub-team of the Data Systems and Governance Committee in collaboration with the deans offices, associate provost office and information systems.

Fitness Center Membership Tracking

The Fitness Center Membership Tracking application is used to manage memberships


FrontRush is used by the Athletics department to facilitate recruiting athletes


InfoMaker is used by J1 users to create and run reports


EMU utilizes J1 for the following areas: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Admissions (data storage only), Advising, Alumni, Development, Facilities Management, General Ledger, Housing, Human Resources (data storage only), Institutional Research, Registration


LibCal is used to manage reservation and checkout of loaner equipment

Mailroom Package Tracking

The Mailroom Package Tracking application is used to process packages received by the EMU mailroom for delivery to EMU faculty, staff and students


Maxient is used by Student Life to manage behavior records.


Medicat is used by Health Services for electronic health record management


PaperCut is used to manage networked printers and multi-function devices. It is also used to track and charge printing, copying and scanning


PowerFAIDS is used by the Financial Assistance office to process and award financial aid


SafeColleges is used to manage Title IX training compliance


SalesForce is used by Admissions to provide constituent management services (CRM)


SimpleK is used by Facilities Management to manage keys


SplashTop is used by the Helpdesk to provide remote support.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

The SSRS application is used to proved reports that allow the user to drill down through the data.

Student Employment

The Student Employment application is used by Financial Assistance to manage the work-study program


TeamDyanmix is a service management system


The Teamwork application can be used by EMU employees for project management. Users should "Log in with Google" using their EMU Google credentials: emu.teamwork.com


The Titanium application is used by Counseling Services for electronic medical records management


TMA is used by Facilities Management to track their work


Visio is used to make visual diagrams and flow charts.


Weave is used by Institutional Research for program assessment

Wellness Challenge Step Tracker

The Wellness Challenge Step Tracker application is used to manage step data for persons participating in the EMU annual step challenge