Network & Telecommunications

Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP), Internet Access, Wired Network, Wireless Network

Services (5)

Domain Name System (DNS)

Information Systems provides an authoritative DNS server for the domain so EMU resources can be reached via the Internet. They also provide DNS look up capability for internal resources trying to reach a device on the Internet.

Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP)

Information Systems maintains and provides dynamic IP address assignments for all internal network devices.

Internet Access

EMU provides a high capacity network that connects WCSC, Lancaster and Harrisonburg. The network backbone has the capacity of 10Gbps (gigabits per second), and building connectivity range from 1 Gbp to 10 Gbps speeds. EMU has two fiber links to campus.

Wired Network

Information Systems recommends wired ports for EMU office computers.

Wireless Network

Full Coverage: Classrooms, Residence Halls
Partial Coverage: All Buildings
No Coverage: Outside