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Data Backup

File systems are backed up according to the data retention policy.

Data Transfers

Information Systems will facilitate the transfer of data from the Student Information System (SIS) to other platforms.


Database services include: software installation, patch installation, backup, recovery, security, performance tuning

File Storage: Cloud

EMU provides cloud storage through Google Drive. This is the official cloud storage for EMU files. Faculty, staff and students have access to Microsoft OneDrive. This should be used for personal files only.

File Storage: Network

Information systems provides a small amount of network file storage to faculty, staff, students and affiliates.


Fortinet protects EMU internal network from treats on the global internet.

Remote Access

Most applications including J1 and network drives (select the File Explorer app) are available in EMU Appstream.  We encourage all users to use this service first. Most users will be able to work remotely using only AppStream.


EMU utilizes Linux and Windows servers, with over 70 servers in production (virtual & physical).

Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System is the core platform for most administrative offices.

Technology Facilities

EMU maintains server rooms and network closets. Contained in these facilities are equipment adequate to provide power, ventilation, climate control, monitoring. EMU's main technology facility has a generator and fire suppression system.