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Anti-Plagiarism, Attendance Tracking, Blogs, Classroom Technology, Classroom Technology Consulting, Collaborative Media, Computer Labs, Course Evaluations, Data Analysis, Learning Management System (LMS), Lecture Capture, Reference Management

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Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention service that helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers.

Attendance Tracking

Information Systems provides a customized app for attendance tracking


Blogs for faculty and staff are available upon request

Classroom Technology

All EMU classrooms have been equipped with technology.

Classroom Technology Consulting

Consulting is offered for faulty who want to discuss classroom technology

Collaborative Media

VoiceThread is a tool to transform media into collaborative spaces with video, voice and text commenting

Computer Labs

Information Systems provides the following types of computer labs: Kiosk Computers, Public Labs, Classroom Labs, Department Labs, Department Classroom Labs

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are handled by Institutional Research

Data Analysis

Information Systems provides the following software for data analysis: JASP, R, SPSS

Learning Management System (LMS)

EMU uses Moodle for LMS

Lecture Capture

Panopto captures class lectures, and not just recordings of an instructor speaking but can include computer screen projections and other presentation materials. Panopto is installed on all EMU computers and is available for faculty, staff and students to install on their personal device.

Reference Management

EMU uses EndNote for reference management.