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Audio Conferencing

An audio conference calling service is available upon request to connect multiple people and locations.

Broadcast Message System

The preferred method for sending broadcast messages is via the web application at

Calendar - Events (

Events can be added to the EMU Events Calendar through 25Live. Contact Marketing Services if you want to add events to the web calendar.

Calendar - Personal

EMU's personal calendar services are provided by Google. Calendars can be access at using. your EMU email address and Royal Password.


EMU 's email services are provided by Google and come with unlimited storage. Your email is accessed at using your EMU email address and Royal password.

Email Alias

An email alias delivers email to one or a handful of user inboxes

EMU Alerts

EMU Alerts is a notification system capable of sending emergency notifications instantly and simultaneously to registered mobile phones and email addresses.

EMU Website

The EMU website is designed, developed and maintained by the Web Work Team (WWT). This is a collaborative effort between marketing services and information systems. The team is made up of staff from both marketing and information services. The team plans and discusses issues related to the EMU website.


In order to fax users need access to their department's fax number. You can request access to the fax Shared Mailbox from the person who manages your fax number.

myEMU Portal

myEMU is the intranet for EMU faculty, staff and students.

Shared Email Mailbox

A Shared Mailbox is a separate inbox that one or multiple users are delegated access to. As a delegate of a Shared Mailbox users are able to view new email and send messages as the shared mailbox.

Video Conferencing

EMU uses Zoom to enable virtual meetings and video calls. Each EMU computer has Zoom installed on the desktop. You can join Zoom meetings by entering the meeting ID you've been given.