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Amazon AppStream

Amazon AppStream is available as a service for all faculty, staff, and students to access EMU Apps anywhere, anytime, and from any device, including personal computers.  Click on an app and sign in with your ROYALS username and password to get started.  Network storage is accessible from within AppStream apps.

Application Deployment

On every EMU workstation there is an icon on the desktop labeled EMU applications. Double click this icon to see a list of applications available for install. In this list there is an entry labeled "Ninite Application Update Standard". Highlight this entry and choose Install at the top. When prompted click download, then run. This will update any applicaiton that came pre-installed, includuing but not limited to Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Java, Adobe products, Cute PDF, VLC Player etc.

Computing Devices

Information Systems (IS) manages over 800 computer for the EMU community. These are used by Faculty, Staff and student computer labs. Our current policy requires IS to provide a standard desktop computer to every faculty member and all staff members who have jobs that require access to a computer. The computer is provided for employees to complete their job requirements. It is not a replacement for a personal computer. All software installed on EMU computers needs to be legally licensed.

Loaner Equipment

Faculty/Staff can reserve Helpdesk equipment by going to emu.libcal.com or by contacting the Helpdesk.

Mobile Devices

EMU owned mobile devices will be managed by Information Systems and are to be used for EMU business processes.

Operating Systems

Information Systems provides the following operating systems on EMU devices: Chrome OS, iOS, Mac OS, Windows OS

Personal Devices

Personal devices can be connected to the EMU wireless network. The Helpdesk can assist with connecting your device if you encounter problems. The Helpdesk does not assist with hardware or software issues on personal devices.

Printing, Copying & Scanning

Networked multi-function devices are located in centralized spaces on campus.