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Information Systems (IS) manages over 800 computer for the EMU community. These are used by Faculty, Staff and student computer labs. Our current policy requires IS to provide a standard desktop computer to every faculty member and all staff members who have jobs that require access to a computer. The computer is provided for employees to complete their job requirements. It is not a replacement for a personal computer. All software installed on EMU computers needs to be legally licensed.


A standard desktop for faculty and staff is either a Mac Mini or a Dell Optiplex desktop computer. It is the choice of the employee. Standard desktops can be procured by IS with adequate warranty coverage for about $800.


If a faculty or staff member prefers to have a laptop, IS is willing to facilitate the upgrade of a desktop to a laptop, provided the department funds the amount over $800.  The current standard laptop configurations are an Apple MacBook or a Dell Latitude. IS can procure these laptop computers for about $1,800 - $2,000 (so the department would need to cover $1,000 - $1,200). This cost includes a full three year warranty.

Any faculty or staff interested in pursing a laptop option should contact the Helpdesk to begin the process.

Additional Computers

IS has the responsibility to provide one computer for each full-time faculty and staff who requires a computer to perform their assigned job responsibilities. Any technical resources beyond one standard computer need to be funded by the department of the employee requesting the additional resources.

If a four-year old computer will meet the needs of the employee, then a computer will be provided with no extra charge. However if there are specific requirements for the computer or a newer model is needed then the department will need to fund the full purchase cost.


Chromebooks come in a portal form factor similar to a laptop. They use less power which results in longer battery life. Chromebooks run Chrome OS, this gives users access to anything that is available via a web browser.

Mobile Devices

EMU has standardized on iPads for tablets. If you are thinking about getting a tablet check out Mobile Devices.


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Service Cost

There is no charge for desktops. Departments will be asked to partially fund laptops and fully fund additional devices.

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