My Recently Visited Services

Event services are available for all EMU faculty, staff and students. We are here to support your efforts toward the mission of the university. Due to limited resources, AV services are only available for a fee.

A Shared Mailbox is a separate inbox that one or multiple users are delegated access to. As a delegate of a Shared Mailbox users are able to view new email and send messages as the shared mailbox.

The preferred method for sending broadcast messages is via the web application at

Information Systems provides education on security practices

The Fitness Center Membership Tracking application is used to manage memberships

A Content Management System (CMS) provides users the ability to author and administer the creation and design of web content.

PowerFAIDS is used by the Financial Assistance office to process and award financial aid

Blogs for faculty and staff are available upon request

VoiceThread is a tool to transform media into collaborative spaces with video, voice and text commenting

Information Systems provides a customized app for attendance tracking

Information Systems recommends wired ports for EMU office computers.

EMU uses EndNote for reference management.

Full Coverage: Classrooms, Residence Halls
Partial Coverage: All Buildings
No Coverage: Outside

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required for access to various EMU services.  MFA accompanies your password in the authentication process, adding an additional method of verification to make sure only you can sign in with your credentials.  With MFA enabled, even if someone has your password, they can't get in because they don't have access to your authenticator app or code generating card.

The Moodle Image Submission is a custom application used to facilitate Moodle users submitting photos for their profile.

EMU procures and administers technology systems and components centrally. IS should be included in any discussion to procure technology.

InfoMaker is used by J1 users to create and run reports

The eClassifieds application is used to facilitate buying and selling items within the EMU community. This is the place to post rides to/from somewhere, missing/found items, items for sale, jobs, etc. Anyone viewing the website can post a new listing by clicking on make a new ad. those ads posted by a person not using a valid EMU email address will be reviewed by the EMU staff, as a system for screening potentially inappropriate postings. Such ads are usually processed within a 24-hour (48-hour over weekends) period.

Google Workspace includes: Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Groups, Drive, Tasks, Jamboard

Most applications including J1 and network drives (select the File Explorer app) are available in EMU Appstream.  We encourage all users to use this service first. Most users will be able to work remotely using only AppStream.

Web forms allow data to be collected via a webpage.

Several IS staff have been trained in project management principles. When IS is involved with implementing hardware or software, they will provide project management for the implementation.

Software at EMU is centrally managed. IS will assist with negotiations, acquisition and management of licenses. By having central management, IS is able to advocate for strategic solutions that brings the most benefit to EMU.