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Access to Faxing

In order to fax you need access to your department's fax number. You can request access to your department's Shared Mailbox from the person who manages your fax number.

Receiving a Fax

  • Inbound faxes will be delivered to your fax account’s shared mailbox. Check your shared mailbox to view faxes sent to your fax number.
  • Access a shared mailbox:
    • In Gmail click on the EMU logo (beside your picture or initial) and you will see the shared mailbox in the list
  • Accessing the fax
    • When you receive a fax message, it arrives in your email inbox as an attachment as a PDF, TIFF or EFX file. Most email programs allow you to simply click (or double-click) on the attachment for the file to open in the program it was created. For PDF, you will need Acrobat Reader®. For TIFF or EFX, you will need eFax Messenger or a third party multi-page TIFF Viewer for TIFF or pdf files.

Sending a Fax

There are several ways to send a fax. Please note that your send service on your eFax account must be enabled to send a fax. Please contact the help desk if you are unsure if you have send access.

When sending faxes, the full fax number including country code must be used. For all faxes sent to a United States number, the "1" must be used in conjunction with the area code.

  • Sending a fax through your email
    • Address the message to faxnumber@efaxsend.com, where faxnumber is the full telephone number of the fax line, including the country code.  (Numbers only).  For example:
      • Within the USA - To send a fax to (312) 555-1212, you would use 13125551212@efaxsend.com
      • International - To send a fax to a UK number, such as +44 207 555 1212, you would use 442075551212@efaxsend.com.
    • The body of the email message will be the fax cover letter
    • You may send files (such as PDFs, Office Documents, and more) by attaching them to the email message.  Up to four attachments may be sent at a time, as long as the total message size remains less than 6 MB.
  • Sending a fax from the web page
    • Log on to your account at the eFax Corporate Home page.
    • Click on the "Send a Fax" button at the top of the page
    • Fill in the recipient information, cover page text, and attach any files you want to include (up to a maximum of 5 files)
    • Click "Send Fax"
  • Sending a fax using our software (using the "Send with Email" option)
    • Open the document you want to send in the application it was created
    • Go to "File" and then "Print"
    • Select "Send with eFax Messenger" or "Send with eFax Messenger Plus" as the printer and click "OK"
    • When the "eFax Messenger - Document Delivery" window appears, select the "Fax" tab, enter in the information about the recipient and click "Send Fax"
    • A new email will appear. Click "Send" on your email to send the fax

SHORT CUT: If the "eFax Send" (or "eFax Send") button appears on the top menu bar in your document's application, you can click it to simplify steps 1-3.


Downloading eFax Messenger (Windows Only)

Contact the Helpdesk to have this installed.


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In order to fax users need access to their department's fax number. You can request access to the fax Shared Mailbox from the person who manages your fax number.