Connect a Windows Device to EMU Wifi

  1. Click on the WiFi symbol in the lower right hand side of the screen near the date and time.
  2. Select the "EMU" network, making sure the “Connect automatically” checkbox is selected, and click Connect.
  3. Enter your credentials.
    • Username: EMU username (Not email address)
    • Password: EMU password.
  4. Trust this network if prompted. Click Connect. 
  5. After a few moments your Windows device we be able to use EMU wireless.


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Fri 7/29/22 12:21 PM
Thu 8/18/22 4:12 PM

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Personal devices can be connected to the EMU wireless network. The Helpdesk can assist with connecting your device if you encounter problems. The Helpdesk does not assist with hardware or software issues on personal devices.